Evoke Change

The status-quo doesn’t see you, can you see it?
Create the picture, mix the colors, let them see it.
Black girl, black girl, unveil the pearl, shed light. Only love can overrule what isn’t right. Evoke change.
Evoke change.
Evoke change, mind your business, increase your interest, lay the brickwork for capital first, birth a nation and they still can’t see your worth.
Love is blind by design. Has no face. Just hearts. Even when we can’t tell them apart.
Evoke change, be gone with all the silence.

A sQuare production: 
Concept / (creative) director / post-production: Gianni Grot 
Concept / Camera: Vincent van den Brink 
Art direction: Farah Sahupala 
Productie: Floor van Hulsen 
Camera: Aldo Agaatsz 
Styling: Charlotte Dubbeld 
Animatie: Mickey Cohen 
Sound design: Kerem Ozilhan 
Spoken word: Gordon Bromet 
Models: Achok Mawien, Xiao-Mei Nibbering, Patrick Schmatzer en Kostas Harlamov